Company/Institute Position (From-To) Job Description Concepts & Technologies
real Data Scientist (Oct 2018-ongoing) • Developing applications and data-driven products, which are integrated into the business processes.
• Various analytical approaches and data mining algorithms are used for pattern detection, classification, and clustering.
• The latest techniques regarding text, image, and time-series analysis are used for improving the quality of the final product.
Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Recommendation Systems, Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Python, Tensorflow, Keras, Spark.
audi Master Thesis Student (Mar 2018-Aug 2018) Topic: Conceptualization and Development of a Predictive Big Data Streaming Application in the Context of Automotive Manufacturing. Lambda Architecture, Batch/Stream Processing, Spark (SQL, ML, Streaming), RabbitMQ, Python.
audi Data Science Intern (Oct 2017-Feb 2018) • Working at TechHub Data Driven Production group, which aims to efficiently automate the automobile manufacturing industry using big data technologies.
• The internship deals with topics on predictive modelling, validation, supervised/unsupervised learning and big data analytics. Data is ingested from various sensors and PLC systems, stored in a Hadoop cluster, and analyzed by Spark as a big data processing tool.
Big Data, Data Lake, Smart Factories, RabbitMQ, Spark, Python, R, Tableau.
pwc Forensic Analyst Intern (Apr 2017-Jul 2017) • Assisting in the fields of Forensic Technology Solutions & Data Mining by PwC Düsseldorf.
• Participating in projects concerning computer forensics, e-discovery, predictive data analysis and fraud detection. Data is stored in relational database systems, preprocessed by SQL and visualized in Qlikview.
Relational Databases, Structured Data, ERP System, Java, Microsoft SQL, QlikView, SAP.
rwth Teaching Assistant (Nov 2016-Feb 2017) • Assisting Dr. Oya Deniz Beyan during “Big Data in Medical Informatics” lectures.
• Preparing learning materials, exercises, and homeworks about topics related to biomedical ontologies and RDF data models.
Web Semantics, OWL ontologies, RDF, SPARQL query language, BIO2RDF.
rwth Student Assistant (May 2016-Jul 2016) • Developing microservice applications, web components or widgets using las2peer as a Java-based Open Source framework for distributing community services in a peer-to-peer infrastructure.
Restful Web Service, Peer-to-Peer, Web Frameworks, Rest API, Java.